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I am interested in understanding the large-scale localization and organization of mRNAs in cells using genomic and biochemical approaches as well as how this impacts gene expression at the translational level.  The ultimate goal of my work is to obtain a global atlas of mRNA localization for varying cells and growth conditions, necessitating the development of genome-wide approaches that maintain spatial information from the cell, and then coupling this with microscopy and biochemical studies of translational regulation.  To this end, I have been working on identifying RNAs associated with motor proteins and cytoskeletal structures with the ultimate aim of studying all cellular landmarks (e.g. membranous organelles and other sub-cellular structures).  In addition, I am using microscopy to image mRNA dynamics in live cells as well as the localization of specific RNAs relative to each other in fixed cells in order to assay how mRNA (and ultimately protein) asymmetries are established.


Thompson MA, Casolari JM, Badieirostami M, Brown PO, Moerner WE.  2010.   Three-dimensional tracking of single mRNA particles in S. cerevisiae using a Double-Helix Point Spread Function.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107:17864-71.


email casolari@stanford.edu

phone  (650) 725-7569

address  279 W.Campus Drive

  1. Dept of Biochemistry

  2. Beckman Center, Room B407

  3. Stanford, CA 94305

birthdate  3/7/1976


  1. 1998 - B.S. in Honors Biology

  2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  3. 2005 - PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology

  4. Lab of Pamela A. Silver, PhD

  5. Harvard Medical School

thesis Coupling of Transcription and Nuclear Organization